Children develop a sense of acceptance, altruism, and duty through various activities involving the community and the broader world. They can acknowledge that while they may not share the same experience as someone else, their personal gifts can complement those of the people around them to create a better community, and world.


Early Childhood Care Expert Releases Compassionate, Step-By-Step Guide to Raising and Nurturing Children In ‘Changing the World Through Children,’ author Ruth Dutting Witte shares best practices for helping young kids to develop their communication skills, self-discipline, and social and environmental awareness

MONTPELIER, Vt. – Author and nonprofit founder Ruth Dutting Witte has published a comprehensive early-childhood care and education guide that provides parents and teachers with a new approach to raising kinder, more confident, supportive, and sustainable children in an increasingly digital and fast-paced world. In “Changing the World Through Children,” Witte shares her experience organizing and founding a grassroots organization aimed at fostering young children’s creativity, cognitive abilities, and connection to nature through gardening, art, and social and mental exercises.

Witte’s book is a practical guide that provides crucial advice to parents and early childhood educators to help them raise and teach kids with compassion and consistency. The book helps parents and families get a taste of the learning that is occurring in their children at a young age and shares with them how they can support that learning by modifying their actions and routines. In “Changing the World Through Children,” Witte also encourages those who parent and work with young people to set aside time for themselves to foster personal wellness and attentiveness.

“Delightful and wonderful book for parents and teachers alike,” a reader wrote in a five-star Amazon review of “Changing the World Through Children”. “Understanding the light inside a child and how to nurture it to grow is a difficult for anyone. This book helps bring it together, puts it into focus and gives you the light bulb moments you need to help your ‘Little Seeds’ grow and accomplish anything their dreams chose to create!”

Ultimately, “Changing the World Through Children” is a gentle, step-by-step approach to shifting a tiny piece of the world into a less competitive, more accepting and nurturing environment where each person can meet their best potential and has a stake in helping others do the same.

“Changing the World Through Children” By Ruth Dutting Witte ISBN: 978-1-9822-3532-1 (softcover); 978-1-9822-3533-8 (e-book) Available through Balboa Press, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

About the author

Ruth Dutting Witte is the founder of Growing Places, Inc. – a nonprofit, community-based enrichment program for families of children ages 1 to 12 that provides early childhood education, parent support and education, and personal growth opportunities for women. Witte earned her bachelor’s degree in human services from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1981. Her previous experience in the human services field includes work in mental health, youth and family services, substance abuse program development, and teen parent education and prevention, and she spent more than five years volunteering in the Dansville, N.Y. public school system. Witte has been married to her husband for 34 years, and she has four grown children and several grandchildren. She currently resides in Montpelier, Vt.

To learn more, please visit www.changingtheworldthroughchildren.com and www.goldenratiodesign.com/growingplaces, and follow the author on Pinterest and Facebook.

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